Please let everyone know about our petition to ban WMD forever! This is not a scam because we do not want your name or email – just your affirmation that you agree. We could not have made it any simpler and risk-free. All we need are numbers – big numbers – as in billion big. When we accomplish this, our petition will be presented to the heads of state of WMD countries. A mass consensus of the world’s population can’t be ignored. The WMD world leaders will be forced to respond or risk the consequences when ignoring the will of the people! Let’s get rid of, and ban, all WMD FOREVER!!

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As far as we are concerned, you are free to use any legal methods out there to get the word out about the BAN WMD petition. You need not email us about whether you have permission to use this text or that logo – yes you do as long as it is legal.

We do pay for everything out of our pockets – quite a bit so far and we don’t regret that at all. However, advertising the petition does take a lot of money so feel free to help us  if you can. We use PayPal which accepts debit/credit cards and e-checks. You do not have to have an account at PayPal to donate. We are a not-for-profit corporation.

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